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"Lemurian Seed Crystals are those crystals which have three alternating, smooth sides and three striated or grooved sides. These Crystals may come predominantly from Brazil, but have also been found in Arkansas, Madagascar and Russia (to name a few places) where they are much, much rarer. It is also interesting to note that in Brazil, they are found as separate, single crystals in sand, while here in Arkansas we have seen them on large Clusters where every point was a Lemurian, as well as single points in the tailings. They are said to have been telepathically implanted (indicated by the grooves) with the love, wisdom and peaceful, harmonious ways of Lemuria, in order to preserve them for a future time. That time is now, and these incredible crystals are here to lend their assistance in awakening us to the peace, abundance and manifestation that is already ours, helping to bring Mother Earth and all our brothers and sisters into total love and enlightenment. They will be a wonderful companion stone to those who are "awakening" to rekindle the sacred ways of Lemuria. Time Link Crystals are those which have a parallelogram on one or more faces, or on the side of the face. They represent a "metamorphosis" of those willing to learn through flexibility and acceptance of new ideas and directions. It is believed that if the parallelogram leans to the "left" it will strongly support you in achieving your goals, and if it leans to the "right" it will spark your natural energies of inspiration and creativity. Time Links are also a wonderful companion stone for those who have trouble managing time."

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Check out this gorgeous, Etched Lemurian Channeling Crystal with a Tabby Inner Child that measures 3 1/4x1x1". When we take a closer look, we can see that it is water-clear from its tip to its base with some wispy gas inclusions within. There is a

Etched Lemurian Channeling Crystal Tabby Inner Child 651a
Check out this gorgeous, Etched Lemurian Crystal with a Double Terminated Inner Child that has a nice Window and Time Link which measures 4 3/8x1 1/2x1 1/4". It comes from Mount Ida, Arkansas "The Crystal Capital of the World" and is a shining t

Etched Lemurian Crystal DT Inner Child Window 609
Here we have this gorgeous, Lemurian Lightbrary Crystal with a Calcite cast Spirit Cup that measures 2 7/8x1 1/8x1". It comes from Mount Ida, Arkansas "The Crystal Capital of the World" and is a shining testimonial to the crystal beauty that ca

Lemurian Lightbrary Crystal Calcite Cast Spirit Cup 603
Pictured here is this lovely Lemurian Devic Crystal Wand with an 8-sided Grounding face, Rainbows and a small Key from Arkansas that measures 4 1/8x1x1". When we take a closer look, we can see that this beautiful Crystal is water clear, from its te

Lemurian Devic Crystal Wand Grounding Rainbows Key 552
Here we see this lovely Lemurian Crystal with 4, distinct Bridge Crystals that measures 4x1 3/4x1 1/4". Upon taking a closer look, we can see that the Bridge Crystals extend from the Mother Crystal to a milky, Empathic Cluster at its base. In addi

Lemurian Bridge Crystal Inner Child Fairy Dust Rainbows 507
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