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Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046

Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046
Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046 Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046 Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046 Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Record Keeper Crystal 046

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You are viewing this beautiful, Triple Gateway Natural Ruby Crystal with a Record Keeper on its surface. This Ruby is a hexagonal crystal which measures 1/2x1/2x3/8" and is a type of Corundum which comes in a variety of color ranges from pink to crimson red. On 9/9/9 a "Triple Gateway" activation day, and then again on 10/10/10, hundreds of people gathered at Mount Magazine State Park (the highest peak in the state, and the heart-center of the Crystalline Vortex of Arkansas) to celebrate the awakening of the Emerald Crystal from the Temple of Healing in Atlantis. Being one of them, I was inspired and guided to gather some of our ascension-oriented, specialty crystals in order to energize, activate, consecrate and imbue them with the energies of the Emerald Crystal. On that day, there were also three other Master Crystals that were activated to 50% of their capacity, including the OM Crystal under Mount Shasta, the Crystal of Golden Healing and Regeneration in Brazil, and the Sun/Moon Crystal under Lake Titicaca, between Bolivia and Peru. It was our intention to "bathe" these crystals in the rays of the Emerald Crystal and align them with the energies of the other four, as well as the Blue Crystal of Knowledge, which was awakened on 8/8/8. They were placed with in a "circle of crystal" that was 16 feet in diameter, and were exposed all day long, until they were washed in the rain that fell later that day. On 10/10/10 was the awakening of the Violet Crystal of Sound in Bahia Brazil, and we again took these crystals to Mt. Magazine for a repeat ceremony. Here are some of the other properties of these Record Keepers Ruby Crystals~

RUBY is an excellent companion stone for those seeking to free themselves from the anguish distress and suffering that sometimes comes with learning "life lessons" and is also said to be a wonderful stone for attaining and maintaining economic stability, regarding business transactions. Some Rubies have also been recognized as Record Keepers, having small incised or engraved triangles on the terminated end of the crystal, and are said to bear knowledge from ancient realms of civilization. They have come to light now to aid mankind in vanquishing all of the evils and destructive energies from Mother Earth and her inhabitants. These Ruby Crystals are a wonderful companion stone for those who wish to access and work with the knowledge of the "ancients," and to accelerate their spiritual progression.

Impressions and excerpts by RavynHawk

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