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The Moment Pendant Global Circle of Love

The Moment Pendant Global Circle of Love
The Moment Pendant Global Circle of Love The Moment Pendant Global Circle of Love
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This listing features a red Global Circle of Love Moment Pendant with a prophecy of Chief Crazy Horse (on the back side) that measures 2x1/8". This "anodized aluminum" red dog tag was chosen to engrave this original design by Dino, because the color red is sacred to our Native Americans. All our medicines and artifacts used in ceremonies are wrapped in the color red. Red represents new birth of the sun (son?) and the color of the east is red. Red is the color of empowerment and the blood that flows through our veins. It is the color of new beginnings, a new day, a new promise, a new birth. Red also signifies the color of the sun: a symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force into human beings.

In addition, this original design commemorates the gathering of many peoples and the emergence of "The Rainbow Tribes" around the globe, in fulfillment of these prophecies. A closer look at the design reveals 2 outer circles and the globe within creates the third." Then, there are 8 people surrounding the globe, their arms uplifted in praise. Three represents a moving forward of energy, overcoming the limitations of duality. The energies of expression and manifestation into the physical realms are also found in the number "3" vibration. Eight represents the whole; it is all possibilities in manifestation. And in the Christian belief, 8 is also the number of regeneration, rebirth and infinity. Together, these elements combine to create the master number "11" vibration which represents the most intuitive of all numbers, promoting illumination and deep insight, as well as spiritual harmony. This was the inspiration behind the creation of this pendant.

On the back, you will find a prophecy of Chief Crazy Horse who said "I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind with gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again." May this be a daily reminder to us all to awaken to this unity in fulfillment of this prophecy.


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