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Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Wonderful For Gazing 089

Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Wonderful For Gazing 089
Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Wonderful For Gazing 089 Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Wonderful For Gazing 089

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We are delighted to bring you a wonderful discovery from Brazil. Appropriately named "Shamanic Dream Stone" each of these stones is cut from a natural crystal which carries within it a variety of different minerals. Having a highly polished, domed lens to bring out its natural beauty seems to "bring to life" the tiny mineral inclusions within, creating an almost "fairy-like" kingdom inside the stone. The inclusions most commonly found within these crystals are Chlorite, which is a mossy green, Fluorite, which is most often a moss-like purple, tiny filaments of red, orange gold, green and sometimes silver Rutile, red moss-like titanium dioxide, orange which is mica, patches of gold which is iron oxide and layered feldspar stratifications.

This Shamanic Dream Stone measures 1 7/8x1 1/2x1 1/8" and is a one-of-a-kind "natural work of art" to be treasured forever... an absolute must for your collection of unique Crystals.

"This Shamanic Dream Stone is a phenomenal stone for meditation and will make an awesome companion stone for those who are studying shamanic ways, exploring past lives or "gazing" into a probable future. Each tiny mineral world beckons its companion to go within its magical kingdom, there to find endless adventure into the unknown realms of the "dreamtime" as well as other-worldly kingdoms. The phantoms and Inclusions are a kind of "signature" of the energies that formed them, and as such are a wonderful reminder that we can succeed far beyond our own expectations. They are also a terrific companion for those who seek to free themselves from self-imposed limitations."


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