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Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480

Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480
Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480 Sacred Seven DT Elestial Spirit Guardian Agape Crystal 480

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Here we see this beautiful, Agape Crystal from Espirito Santo, Brazil which measures 2x1 3/4x1". This Sacred Crystal may also contain the seven energies of purple Amethyst, grey Smokey Quartz, milky or Clear Quartz, black Rutile needles, ruby-red Lepidocrocite, golden Cacoxenite spears or black Goethite. We will let our photos reveal these minerals in our individual pictures. It should also be noted here that there may be tiny abrasions on the surface of the crystal, and even if some of these minerals are microscopic and not eye-visible within the stone, all of their properties are still within the crystal, as their energies are all indigenous to the area where these crystals are mined. The name "Agape" comes from the Greek word meaning "a continual out-pouring of Creator's unconditional love" upon All the children of Mankind. In addition, the uplifting energies of this potent crystal carry a strong essence of "the Phoenix Rising" of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation, and can be a great companion to those who feel that they are facing overwhelming situations.

Are you seeking a fantastic crystal to help you to accept and pursue the changes needing to be made in your life, in order to be in harmony with a new Way of seeing and living, within the Truth, in Light and Love? This Agape Crystal can bring a strong connection to the Angelic Realms and a greater focus to the Divine Feminine energies of unconditional love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness in your life.

This sacred Agape Crystal has been bathed and consecrated with a sage blessing in the flowing waters of a crystal-pure, spring-fed creek in our beloved Ouachita National Forest, near Mount Ida, AR. You will receive the exact Agape Crystal featured here, along with a purple keep-sake bag, a postcard-type photo of our Agape Crystals (with properties) and a signed certificate as our promise that you have purchased a genuine Agape Crystal from Espirito Santo, Brazil. Here are some of the abundant properties of this Agape Crystal~

AGAPE CRYSTAL holds no negative energies, never needs clearing or cleansing and comes only from Espirito Santo, Brazil. This unique member of Crystal Clan is associated with an out-pouring of the Divine Feminine energies such as unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing, to name a few. The "brotherhood" of minerals contained within these crystals is not unlike our brothers and sisters of our Native American Medicine Wheel, all sharing their energies and gifts with their human companions to help them on their paths to spiritual enlightenment and completion. They are wonderful companion crystals for "reviewing and releasing" old ways of thinking and acting which do not serve us on our paths to enlightenment. They can also help us to create a new path to allow the ways of "peace and harmony" to rule in our lives, and help us to re-focus and manifest all that is needed. An Agape Crystal can also aid you in awakening, stimulating, and developing your psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. Just like the minerals within Mother Earth that flow into the grape to produce its distinct flavor, so do these minerals combine to create this incredible, higher vibration Agape Crystal. Elestial energies can also be found in Agape Crystals, and when present are a wonderful companion for bringing new paradigm energies to its companion. In addition, Agape Crystal vibrates to the master number 11, the most intuitive of all numbers, representing illumination and deep insight, as well as spiritual harmony.

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS have faceted terminations on both ends and are a wonderful companion stone for all those who work with communication and meditation at all levels, instilling patience, perseverance and completion. They allow the transfer and channeling of energies through both terminations at the same time, making them a superb tool for Reiki and other alternative healing. In their natural form, these crystals have found their perfection apart from the clusters, and remind us that we have the strength, individuality and independence that we need to succeed outside of the group. It should be noted here that although they are not naturally formed, cut and polished crystals have the same properties.

ELESTIAL CRYSTALS are recognized by natural terminations covering the faces and/or body of etched or layered quartz. They are believed to be a "gift from the stars" and are wonderful for those wishing to awaken, amplify and increase latent or "hidden" psychic abilities. They are also a great companion to those who are trying to overcome emotional burdens and stress, and to those who work with, and around electronics. In addition, Elestials have blessed us with a wonderful gift of being able to recognize the "easy karmic lessons" that may come our way, saving us some potentially very painful lessons down the road. Sharing time with these ancient Crystals, who carry within them the Wisdom of the universe, helps to instill an understanding and acceptance of these lessons, as they present themselves to us. They are said to be older than the existence of humanity anywhere, and are here now to help us make the necessary changes at all levels, in order to receive more love, light, truth, beauty and abundance into our lives. All that is ours by Divine Right has now been released, and these wonderful Elestials are a key to "making right" old karmic obligations through lessons learned.

SPIRIT GUARDIAN CRYSTALS are double terminated crystals that have grown together as companions, side by side. They are an excellent choice for assisting us in communication with guides, guardians, teachers and angelic messengers. These crystals teach us that through unconditional love, cooperation, tolerance, and patience, we can create a loving environment in our relationships, and work towards peace, harmony, perfection and completion in all things, with our chosen life-mates.

AMETHYST is the traditional birthstone of those born in February. It is a variety of Quartz Crystal with a high concentration of Manganese and additional amounts of Iron and Aluminum which provide for the purple color variation. It is superb for defending against psychic and negative attack, and is a wonderful companion stone for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. It is also a great bestower of strength, stability and peace in stressful situations, being a very strong tool for transmuting negative to positive energy. Amethyst is a terrific choice for those wishing to instill more patience in their lives, reminding us that we always have "enough" time for everything. In addition, and in accordance with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, it is also the "grounding stone" for those born under the sign of Virgo.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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