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Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012

Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012
Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012 Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012 Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012 Quartz Faden Tabby Crystal Cluster au012

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Feast your eyes on this fabulous, Faden Quartz Tabby Crystal Cluster which measures 7/8x1/2x1/8" and exhibits milky white, lines of Quartz within the cluster. The name is derived from the German "faden" for thread. This cluster has multiple Tabby Crystals which inter-lock to create this brilliant and unusual cluster formation. Fantastic for wire-wrapping, this Faden Tabby Cluster will make a fine centerpiece to enhance your own creations, or an awesome addition to your collection of unique crystal.

FADEN CRYSTALS are terrific for strengthening the silver chord that connects the physical and ethereal bodies, and as such is superb for astral travel and journeying. It has also proven to be very beneficial in aligning the energies of the practitioner with those of their clients.

TABBY CRYSTALS have two flatter sides with "notches" or striations, and tend to be like "file drawers" of information during meditation. They often exhibit a Faden line, or milky quartz threads within the crystal, and are a wonderful companion stone for those who work with communication at all levels, including with those celestial entities who are here at this time to aid in the ascension of both Mother Earth and all of mankind. They are also excellent for "bridging the gap" between the emotions and verbal expression of those emotions.

CLUSTER CRYSTALS are a group of many crystal points growing together. Sharing and combining all their energies, they seem to act as a collective whole, and are a wonderful choice for clearing negative energies from any surrounding area, making them an excellent choice for practitioners of Reiki and other healing modalities. They are a terrific companion stone for those wishing to promote peace, cooperation and harmony in all aspects of their lives, whether they be of a personal or of a business nature. Clusters teach us that we should "celebrate" all of the unique characteristics that define us as individuals, and they show us the beauty and perfection of working together and complementing, instead of competing with each other.

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