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Nuummite Tongue Shape Gemstone From Greenland 005

Nuummite Tongue Shape Gemstone From Greenland 005

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Check out this gorgeous, hand-cut and polished, Tongue Shaped Nuummite Gemstone measuring 1 1/2x1/2x5/16. A truly rare and unique stone, it will make a wonderful addition to your collection of natural stone jewelry, or an awesome centerpiece to enhance your own wire art creations.

Nuummite, known to be one of the oldest mineral in existence, is a "laminate," or sheet of compressed rock (presumably anthophyllite and gedrite) which is found in Southern Greenland. The area in which it is mined is accessible by boat only, in an iron-ore region which dates back over 4 billion years, in high, rugged, mountain terrain. This stone is of volcanic origin and began forming over 3 billion years ago. Initially, it seems to have an appearance very much like Labradorite, but instead of larger patches of iridescent color, Nuummite displays what appears to be smaller "ribbons" of spectral color and iridescence. The color ranges include beautiful hues of silver, gold, purple, green and blue. Nuummite is the only polished "laminate" that exhibits a gem quality.

"Nuummite teaches us to see with our hearts, and reminds us that all "limitations, bonds and restraints in our lives are there because we allow them, making it much easier to let them go. It is a wonderful shield from many forms of negative energy, and in addition can stimulate the intellect. Nuummite has also been used by the ancients to invoke visions and provide insight into the psychic and ethereal realms. It is a terrific companion stone for those who wish to enhance their memory, and it is also excellent for the recall of necessary information, especially where techniques of healing are involved. It carries within it an electro-magnetic energy that promotes tremendous grounding, to both the center of the earth and the ethereal body. Nuummite can help to instill strength and perseverence to assist you when going through major changes in your life, greatly helping to ease the transition, and is a wonderful tool for alternative healing and Reiki."


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