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Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300

Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300
Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300 Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300 Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300 Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300 Moldavite Sterling 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant 300

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Take a look at this awesome, natural Moldavite set into a Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill Wire Art Pendant that measures 1 3/4x3/4" at its widest, including the bail. When we take a closer look at this beautiful Moldavite we can see gorgeous hues of light to deep forest green throughout this gemstone. Using 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow and Rose Gold Fill, Dino has hand-crafted this unique Moldavite pendant, which will make a wonderful addition to your collection of natural stone jewelry from around the world. Here are some of the properties of this one-of-a-kind wire art creation~

MOLDAVITE is a "stone ambassador" to our Mother Earth, and is a reminder that all the Universe is One. It is here to help usher in a time of ascension, perfection and total gain. Moldavite, a gem-quality Tektite from Czechoslovakia, is thought to be of the "highest order" and these amazing emissaries are here now to help bring in a new way of being for the children of the earth. This is a wonderful stone for helping to break through "old paradigm" ways of thinking and to release us from the third dimensional obstacles that keep us from our true spiritual paths. It is also a terrific tool to help us to recognize those with whom we have been connected in previous lives, and for stimulating visionary experiences, intuition and awareness. In addition, Moldavite is an excellent companion stone for those wishing to communicate with other sentient beings, including our dolphins and whales, and it is superb for helping those who feel out of place in this world to remember who they truly are and for what purpose they have come.

SILVER is a wonderful complement to those who wish to promote patience and perseverance in their lives. It is an excellent tool for giving one the advantage in all aspects of competition, and helps to enhance perception, and emotional and intuitive energies. Silver is a terrific choice for those who seek to bring an eloquence to their communication skills, and it is also the grounding mineral for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

GOLD has been called The Master Healer and is a wonderful choice for those who seek to attract good health, wealth and happiness into their lives. It is also a good tool for those who wish to stabilize their emotions, calm anger and lessen the stress and tension from daily frustrations. Yellow Gold is the color of the Christ consciousness and can help to open, purify and balance the heart chakra. In addition, 14KGF is an overlay of 14KG, bonded by means of pressure and heat onto (usually) Brass, and carrying a small percentage of Gold, it expresses like properties. Rose Gold also carries similar properties and also tends to be very grounding and empowering.

Excerpts and impressions by RavynHawk

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