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Life Path Crystal Silver Bear Balloon Pendant

Life Path Crystal Silver Bear Balloon Pendant
Life Path Crystal Silver Bear Balloon Pendant Life Path Crystal Silver Bear Balloon Pendant Life Path Crystal Silver Bear Balloon Pendant

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Are you seeking a "totem crystal companion" to help you more easily access your inner knowing and an understanding of your life's purpose? Check out this awesome Collier Creek Life Path Crystal with a Sterling Silver Bear holding a balloon in a pendant that measures 2 3/4x3/8" at its widest, including the bail. It is water-clear and flawless, from its tip to its base with a lovely Isis face and a tiny, but well formed Record Keeper on one of its faces. It has been placed into a unique, hand-crafted Sterling Silver setting, combining the bear energies of "introspection" with the Life Path energies of this crystal.

The incredible clarity of this crystal is due to slow cooling as this crystal was forming. It's lascas pure,and can cast its own "rainbows" in the sunlight. Hand-dug with great care after opening the veins, it comes from a private mine (Collier Creek) owned by a wonderful family here that has been diligently mining and care-taking their crystals for over 40 years, and we are delighted to be working with them. This Totem Crystal pendant will make an awesome addition to your collection of Arkansas crystal jewelry, as well as a fabulous tool to enhance your work with creating peace and harmony in your lives, meditation, Reiki and other energetic healing modalities.

BEAR means many things to many people, but to the Native Americans she represents "Introspection" or listening to the "voice within" for the answers. Just as the bear goes into hibernation to digest the year's experiences, we must "go within" to find our answers, reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. It was also "the old man in the bear suit" who taught the people to better hunt and fish and to provide for themselves, helping them to better survive when food was scarce during the Ice Ages. Bear is also associated with the Pineal Gland which sits between the four lobes of the brain, and represents the gateway to spiritual enlightenment.

LIFE PATH CRYSTALS are long, thin Crystals that (naturally) have one or more very smooth sides. The gift of this member of the Crystal Clan is to help you access your inner knowing and life's purpose, assisting you in making it much easier to recognize who you are and why you are here. They are superb crystal companions for meditation, Reiki and other healing modalities, and can greatly enhance all other energies with which they are associated. In addition, a Life Path Crystal can be of great assistance in helping you to flow more easily into the issues of your current life and spiritual destiny, and can teach us to follow the desires of our Soul and not our ego.

RECORD KEEPER CRYSTALS have small triangles, either etched or engraved into the crystal, and are believed to have been implanted with "coded" information from Atlantis and Lemuria. This information may be accessed in a variety of ways, but usually through meditation with the crystal. Record Keepers may also be used as a kind of "key" to unlock sacred knowledge that may be within you, "awakening" an ancient knowing within. They are a terrific companion stone for those who feel a strong connection to these civilizations, or who are studying and working with Sacred Knowledge's of ancient times.

SILVER is a wonderful complement to those who wish to promote patience and perseverance in their lives. It is an excellent tool for giving one "the advantage" in all aspects of competition, and helps to enhance perception, and emotional and intuitive energies. Silver is a terrific choice for those who seek to bring an "eloquence" to their communication skills, and it is also the grounding mineral for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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