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Jeffery Solution Quartz ET Crystal North Little Rock Arkansas au111

Jeffery Solution Quartz ET Crystal North Little Rock Arkansas au111
Jeffery Solution Quartz ET Crystal North Little Rock Arkansas au111 Jeffery Solution Quartz ET Crystal North Little Rock Arkansas au111 Jeffery Solution Quartz ET Crystal North Little Rock Arkansas au111

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Feast your eyes on this gorgeous, Arkansas double terminated, Jeffrey Solution Quartz ET Crystal which measures 7/8x1/4". Long-since closed to the public, the Jeffrey Quarry was located in North Little Rock, AR, and was the site of the discovery of this prized Solution Quartz. The needle-like Burrs formed in pockets filled with rectorite clay, and clusters of tiny, inter-locked crystals create the ET or Extra-Terrestrial terminations. Literally, millions of these needle crystals were recovered over the 15-year period that the site was accessible. In addition, granular Cookite crystals and Anglerite conglomerations can sometimes be found with these Jeffrey Needles and are a collector's dream. Many of these shiny crystals will form into figure-like clusters and can bring an amazing sense of the Spiritual Realms. This mine has been closed to the public since the 80's and we are delighted to have found these in a private collection, of which this crystal is one.

Are you currently seeking perfection and completion in reaching the goals you have set for yourself in life? Jeffrey Solution Quartz Crystals are needle-like, double terminated, gemmy and very lustrous, water-clear, solution crystals. Like all double terminated crystals, these crystals help remind us that we have the strength and tenacity to find perfection on our own, standing in our truth. The fluid ways in which these solution crystals are formed promote a flowing abundance within the crystal, and the terminations tend to be formed like an ET Crystal, with many individual points, side-by-side on the other. These crystals can facilitate a deeper understanding between us and "other-worldly" beings in the Spiritual Realms. They are also a superb tool for practitioners of Reiki and other energy healing and can be used to gather energy into their multiple terminations. They can then be used as tool for focusing vast amounts of energy, or they can gather the energies to be used in the single point, then "spray" the energies. These wonderful crystals teach us that not only can we find our healing, but also that we can surpass our wildest expectations!

These Jeffrey Solution Crystals have been brought to light now and have been honored as some of the most potent crystals of our times. Said to be one of the purest, most dynamic and most fluid of all members of the Arkansas Crystal Clan, these crystals are especially known for their wonderful amplification characteristics and their incredible abilities to assist their companions in Reiki and other long-distance healing practices.

Impressions by RavynHawk

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