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Hand Polished Labradorite Window Gratitude Stone 016

Hand Polished Labradorite Window Gratitude Stone 016
Hand Polished Labradorite Window Gratitude Stone 016 Hand Polished Labradorite Window Gratitude Stone 016 Hand Polished Labradorite Window Gratitude Stone 016

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Feast your eyes on this luscious, hand-polished window of Labradorite "gratitude stone." Labradorite is a type of Feldspar which often exhibits chatoyant, lustrous hues of azure blue, copper red/orange and gold, created by the interference from rays of light while forming. Much less frequently you can see a full spectrum of color, and sometimes the pictures do not do the stones justice, but we will let them speak for themselves. Wonderfully smooth to the touch, this stone has been meticulously hand-polished on one side to bring out its maximum beauty, creating an actual "window" into the stone. You will receive the stone pictured here which measures 1 3/8x1 1/4x7/8" and will make a superb gratitude stone to carry with you always, continuously sharing its wondrous beauty.

Labradorite is an iridescent type of Feldspar which is often said to contain both the energies of the Sun and the Moon. It can aid us in transforming intuitive guidance into thoughts, teaching us to act upon our intuition. It is a wonderful companion stone for those who seek to make transformational changes in their lives and it can attract the energies of strength and perseverance. It helps us to embrace our destiny and life paths by assisting our advance through the progressive cycles in our lives, and shares with us the energies of faith, vitality and self-reliance. When used as a gratitude stone (by rubbing it between our thumb and forefinger) we are combining our intention and gratitude with the gifts of the Labradorite, making this an extremely potent tool for reminding us to always be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives, and most especially while undergoing major, ascension-oriented changes. Gratitude for all teaches us that Divine Mind does not recognize lack or need; and to quote Florence Scovel Schinn, "All that is ours by Divine Right has now been released, and flows to us in avalanches of abundance and prosperity, under grace, in perfect and miraculous ways!"

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