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Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100

Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100
Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100 Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100 Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100 Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100 Hand Crafted Pietersite 14KGF Wire Art Pendant 100

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Take a look at this beautiful, hand-crafted Pietersite and 14K Gold Fill wire art pendant that measures 1 3/8x7/8x1/4" at its widest, including the bail. A relatively new discovery, Pietersite is a beautiful Jasper from Namibia which comes in many different colors, some being blue/black and often mixed with brown, cream and peach hues, along with pseudomorph inclusions after asbestos, giving this lovely stone a gorgeous chatoyancy. Dino has oriented, hand-cut and polished this awesome cabochon and then created this exquisite, one-of-a-kind pendant using 14K Gold Fill wire to further enhance the beauty of this gemstone. It will make a terrific addition to your collection of unique, natural stone jewelry.

Are you currently in search of a superb companion pendant to remind you that you truly are a Spiritual Being on a Hu-man Journey to the Heart of God? Here are some of the other properties of this pendant~

PIETERSITE can stimulate both the pineal and pituitary glands and is a terrific stone for those who are seeking to ground themselves in the etheric body, allowing us to journey without fear, making us less vulnerable to the disruptive or negative energies which may come from the astral realms. It is also a wonderful companion when working with healing from issues that have come from past-lives. In addition, Pietersite is also an awesome complement when wanting to access the Akashic Records, allowing us to receive greater insights that have come from a culmination of all our incarnations on Mother Earth. This gemstone can be a strong partner in our spiritual journey. As it once was in the Golden Ages of the Ancients, NOW is the time for us to call forth and embrace all of our knowledge, wisdom and gifts (from all our life-times) sharing them with all our brothers and sisters, thereby releasing the energies of "separation and illusion" that can keep us from seeing the true beauty of this world, and the beauty within the souls of humanity, bringing us ever closer to the Heart of our Creator!

GOLD has been called The Master Healer and is a wonderful choice for those who seek to attract good health, wealth and happiness into their lives. It is also a good tool for those who wish to stabilize their emotions, calm anger and lessen the stress and tension from daily frustrations. Gold is the color of the Christ consciousness and can help to open, purify and balance the heart chakra. In addition, 14KGF is an overlay of 14KG, bonded by means of pressure and heat onto (usually) Brass, which is an alloy of Copper and Zinc, providing their benefits as well.

Excerpts and Impressions by RavynHawk

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