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Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County Texas 014

Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County Texas 014
Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County Texas 014 Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County Texas 014 Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County Texas 014

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Here we have this awesome, Fools Gold Pyrite Ball from Dallas County, Texas that measures 1x7/8". The reaction of reduced sulfur with reactive dissolved iron and iron minerals produces the formation of iron sulfides, the most common of which is Iron Pyrite, or Fools Gold. The compression and heat needed to form this ball, or sphere of Iron Pyrite is incredible, and these compressed balls tend to emanate the energy from the center, outward, like the ripples produced when you throw a pebble into a still pond of water. This Pyrite ball was hand dug in Dallas County and was cleaned with meticulous care, in order to maximize its beauty, and we are delighted to bring it to you now. Here are some of the properties of this awesome ball of Pyrite~

PYRITE is an excellent stone for all those who work with alternative healing, shielding, while at the same time rejuvenating the user. It helps the body to remember a perfect state of health, and emotional well-being, and for that reason is an excellent choice for those who are recovering from surgery. It is also a wonderful stone for enhancing memory and for recalling needed information. In addition it is a terrific tool for discernment, assisting its companion in seeing the truth hidden behind the facade or illusion. In addition, Pyrite can help instill feelings of self worth, helping to build self confidence, and is an awesome ally for combating depression. It is also fantastic for creating diplomacy in new business scenarios. The golden color is also the representative of the growing Christ consciousness.

CLUSTER CRYSTALS are a group of many crystal growing together. Sharing and combining all their energies, they seem to act as a collective whole, and are a wonderful choice for clearing negative energies from any surrounding area, making them an excellent choice for practitioners of Reiki and other healing modalities. They are a terrific companion stone for those wishing to promote peace, cooperation and harmony in all aspects of their lives, whether they be of a personal or of a business nature. Clusters teach us that we should "celebrate" all of the unique characteristics that define us as individuals, and they show us the beauty and perfection of working together and complementing, instead of competing with each other.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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