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Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077

Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077
Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077 Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077 Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077 Fisher Mountain Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 077

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Take a look at this gorgeous, Fisher Mountain Arkansas Crystal Cluster that measures 1 5/8x1 3/8x1". When we take a closer look, we can see beautiful clear points that inter-twine to create this precious cluster, which was recently hand-dug by Dino with tender loving care. Fisher Mountain is the oldest, forest service lease in Montgomery county and was first worked by the prospector Will Fisher in the late 1800's. It was said that Grandpa Will was part Cherokee and loved Mother Earth so much that he never used dynamite to extract the crystals. As a result, Fisher Mountain has been the source of some of the most flawless, brilliant and unique crystals to ever come from the Crystal Capital of the World. It has not been worked commercially for many years now and is only open to rockhounders today, but hand-digging still produces some of the finest crystals in the county.

CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, or solidified silicon dioxide, is a beautiful "messenger" of God's pure love and light. Carried within the many different formations in the Crystal Kingdom are characteristics not unlike our own. When we see how determined they are to co-exist in harmony and find perfection, it reminds us that when we strive to be pure in body, mind and spirit, we too can find that perfection and completion in our lives. Crystal is said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul, and to enhance and amplify both energy and thoughts. It is a wonderful tool for communication as well as for receiving information from other-worldly masters, healers and teachers. It can increase the energy flow of love, light, peace and harmony for the greater good of all mankind, and in accordance with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Crystal is also the grounding stone for those born under the sign of Capricorn.

CLUSTER CRYSTALS are a group of many crystal points growing together. Sharing and combining all their energies, they seem to act as a collective whole, and are a wonderful choice for clearing negative energies from any surrounding area, making them an excellent choice for practitioners of Reiki and other healing modalities. They are a terrific companion stone for those wishing to promote peace, cooperation and harmony in all aspects of their lives, whether they be of a personal or of a business nature. Clusters teach us that we should "celebrate" all of the unique characteristics that define us as individuals, and they show us the beauty and perfection of working together and complementing, instead of competing with each other.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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