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Dragons Blood Eudialyte and Sterling Silver Ring 002 FREE GIFT 233

Dragons Blood Eudialyte and Sterling Silver Ring 002 FREE GIFT 233
Dragons Blood Eudialyte and Sterling Silver Ring 002 FREE GIFT 233 Dragons Blood Eudialyte and Sterling Silver Ring 002 FREE GIFT 233

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Check out this gorgeous, size 8 Dragons Blood (Eudialyte) and Sterling Silver ring which exhibits beautiful, pink to crimson-red, flower-like patterns amidst black and white veining, with an occasional shimmer. Placed into a unique setting with a patterned band of .925 Sterling Silver, this ring will make an excellent addition to your collection of Russian Dragons Blood jewelry.

DRAGONS BLOOD or EUDIALYTE is a somewhat rare, crimson silicate (some of which is translucent and very gemmy) that comes from Russia (from where the name Dragons Blood came) Greenland and Arkansas to name a few places. It carries strong life-force energies associated with the kundalini and can open the heart chakra, linking it with the base and earth chakra. This helps to create a balanced flow of energy between all chakras, as well as a strong connection between the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, allowing for release, re-focusing and transformational re-orientation. Eudialyte or Dragons Blood can be a great teacher of spiritual growth through fulfillment and joy, rather than suffering and lack. In addition, as a "stone essence" of Dragon energy, it can call you to awaken to the ancient knowledge that you carry within you, to remember who you are and what you have come here to do.

SILVER is a wonderful complement to those who wish to promote patience and perseverance in their lives. It is an excellent tool for giving one "the advantage" in all aspects of competition, and helps to enhance perception, and emotional and intuitive energies. Silver is a terrific choice for those who seek to bring an "eloquence" to their communication skills, and it is also the grounding mineral for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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