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Arkansas Titanium Rainbow Aura Golden Healer Crystal DS00

Arkansas Titanium Rainbow Aura Golden Healer Crystal DS00

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Feast your eyes on this lovely, completely natural, Titanium Rainbow Aura Golden Healer Crystal that measures 3 1/2 x3 x 3 7/8". Upon taking a closer look, we can see an orange rust (Iron Oxide) on the surface, and in some places, Titanium Oxide has adhered to the Iron, creating a gorgeous, natural Rainbow Aura upon the crystal. Not to be confused with those crystals which have been through a color treatment process, these natural crystals from Arkansas tend to exhibit a rich, golden translucence, while displaying a spectral rainbow of opalescence on the surface. In addition, these Rainbow Auras are also Golden Healer Crystals, where the Iron Oxide is actually within the crystal. This Rainbow Golden Healer will make a fantastic addition to your collection of specialty crystals from Arkansas.

This unique member of the Arkansas Crystal Clan comes from the highly esteemed (and private) Collier Creek Mine, which is noted for its clarity, perfection and Lemurian Crystal energies. In order to preserve its natural beauty, this crystal has been cleaned only with spring water and placed in the sun. So, it is still in the same pristene condition as the day it was birthed.

Are you currently finding yourself faced with difficult challenges in your life, forcing you to stand strong in your truth? This Rainbow Aura Crystal will make a wonderful companion crystal, reminding you that no matter how difficult the challenge, you can reap the rewards and gifts of the Rainbow when that challenge has been met. Rainbow Aura Crystal has also shown itself to be quite beneficial in mending dysfunctional relationships, teaching its companion to release resentment, old hurts and grief can help to dissolve old "karmic obligations or bonds" and bring new insights, peace and abundance into the relationship. In addition, Golden Healer Crystals are a wonderful companion stone for those who are seeking to attain and maintain contact with the spirit world. They can also be used in healing practices at all levels, helping the practitioner to discover methods and techniques which will ease recovery from all imbalances and disorders. In addition, these golden crystals are an excellent companion stone for those who are passionately established in doing their life's work and are now seeking to attract and maintain prosperity and abundance within that practice, for the highest good of all.

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