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Angel Amphibole Crystal Silver Spiral Pendant 006

Angel Amphibole Crystal Silver Spiral Pendant 006

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Take a look at this Angel Amphibole Crystal Silver Spiral pendant that measures 1x3/8" including the bail. When we take a closer look at this unique Phantom Crystal from Brazil, we can see lovely hues of light to burnt orange to red, and it has layers of hydrated, double silicate minerals such as Kaolinite and Hornblende, whose feathery wisps formed the Phantom peaks within the crystal, thus the name Angel Quartz. The yellow hues are due to Limonite. It is interesting to note that these amphiboles (their geological name) were formed first at about 2200 degrees, a much higher temperature than the outer crystal which formed much later between 550 and 600 degrees. Beautifully encircled in our Sacred Spiral of .925 Sterling Silver by Dino, this Angel Quartz Crystal will make a fine addition to your collection of natural crystal jewelry.

The Sacred Spiral is found in many different cultures, but to our Native Americans, it represents a "never-ending cycle" of all life. It is the path to the Creator, and by walking with, and having love, honor and respect for "all our relations" we learn to accept and share each other's knowledge and ways.

Are you seeking a superb companion crystal pendant to help you enhance communication with the Angelic Realms? Here are some of some of the properties of this pendant~

ANGEL QUARTZ CRYSTALS or Amphibole Crystals are a wonderful complement to those who are beginning to work with the entities and energies of the Angelic Realms, and in fact seem to attract them, along with others of the same mind who are working with the ethereal realms. Combining this stone with Agape Crystal, Seraphinite, Angelite or Celestite enhances and amplifies these properties tremendously. In addition, the phantom properties of Kaolinite and Hornblende can help to shield one from the harshness of others, making this a wonderful stone for protection, especially for those who are being emotionally or verbally abused. It is also a wonderful stone for dealing with all issues of the naval chakra, and can be a terrific tool to clear, energize or balance the 2nd Chakra, whose energies are associated with a need to create. Our desire to create music, art, poetry and architecture, and the curiosity to explore nature, science and medicine is born in the 2nd or Naval Chakra, as is our sexuality and our desire to gather with others who support our growth.

PHANTOM CRYSTALS have a high concentration of gases or other minerals within the Crystal, usually in "peaks" imitating the point. These phantoms are a kind of "signature" of the energies that formed them, and are awesome teacher crystals, especially when exploring past-lives. They remind us that we can succeed far beyond our own expectations, and are a terrific companion stone for those seeking to free themselves from self-imposed limitations.

SILVER is a wonderful complement to those who wish to promote patience and perseverance in their lives. It is an excellent tool for giving one "the advantage" in all aspects of competition, and helps to enhance perception, and emotional and intuitive energies. Silver is a terrific choice for those who seek to bring an "eloquence" to their communication skills, and it is also the grounding mineral for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

excerpts by RavynHawk

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