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Dennis "Dino" Kincaid and Julie "RavynHawk" Kincaid met and became friends in the summer of 1992, while both were living in the same apartment complex in Austin, Texas. At the time, Dennis was a chef at a popular seafood restaurant in downtown Austin, and Julie was a postal worker and part-time massage therapist. A visit to the local market there, and a "life-changing" meeting with some crystal diggers, sparked their interest in one day going to dig their own crystals. That September, they made the first of many trips to Mount Ida, AR, "The Crystal Capital of the World" to dig these phenomenal "children" of Mother Earth. On their first dig, they met a man who taught Dino some very basic wire-wraps, and set him on his path to making jewelry with these natural crystal beauties. One thing led to another, and Dino and Julie had accumulated so many crystals and unique pieces of jewelry that they had to find a place to sell them. They worked together and began to build their inventory, crafting with crystals and other stones. They opened a booth at the same market they had visited 11 months earlier, calling their little business "The Crystal Seen" a name that carries on today. They married in 1998, purchased property on Highway 270 (just outside of Mt. Ida) for a future shop, and in October of '99, they quit their jobs and moved to Arkansas to begin their new life. Today they have a growing internet business as well as a physical shop which carries many unique items. In addition, they are the caretakers of a  wonderful rockhounding mine, in which their many guests can find crystals and some very unique "seeded" gemstones.

Dennis "Dino" Kincaid is an accomplished jeweler and retired chef who today is also a wonderful webmaster, and has created and maintained all his own websites. Having started with wire-wrapping crystals in 1993, he soon progressed to silver-smithing his settings, using a little Blazer torch in the beginning. Over time, he built his tool inventory to include torches, casting equipment and a lap-top so that he could now cut his own stones, and was even doing some "free-form" faceting. He specializes in (and loves to work with) Agape Crystals™ from Brazil, carefully orienting, cutting and polishing these magnificent gemstones in order to maximize their beauty. His wire-wraps are quite unique and his Sterling Silver settings range from simple elegance to exquisite, "one-of-a-kind" designs, which will often bear his insignia, when size permits it. And very soon, Dino will be able to set your special stones in Silver while you watch in our shop.

Julie "RavynHawk" Kincaid is a semi-retired massage and crystal therapist, with a deep respect and love for the Native American spirituality, as well as a passion for working with crystals and using her knowledge and intuition in creating personalized, empowerment jewelry and gardens for her clients. She is also an accomplished writer, doing most of the writing for their websites, in between the time spent with the many visitors to their shop. She loves to do readings working with astrology, numerology, kinesiology, medicine cards and ascended masters and does various crystal workshops, some of which are especially geared towards children and families.

Brett Michael Scott, a twenty year old born in Lincoln, Nebraska has more or less grown up in Conway, Arkansas. Still very young with lots of love to look forward to, he has been involved in an alternative energy company and also a philosophy major at the University of Central Arkansas. Puzzle pieces have been falling into place, and striving for balance constantly, it didn't take him long to really find some of the more important (and relative) aspects of life. As you might've guessed, the process never ends and this past February he was persuaded to come crystal digging for the first time with a dear friend. Within three months he had traveled back and forth around ten times, discovered a love for jewelry, the health of spring water, great friends and many opportunities. He is thirsty to develop some life skills and more life knowledge (and wisdom!) to benefit him along his journeys. There are countless reasons why he is down here but to bring it full circle, he keeps it simple: "I am just following my heart."


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